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James Malvesti here, Boston In-Home Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. I work with clients in the Greater Boston Area using a big picture approach by focusing on Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, and Lifestyle Changes. I work with clients on varying levels of involvement from providing just education & consultation scaled to regular in-home personal training sessions. I individualize my plans for each of the clients I work with.

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  • How To Set Weight Loss & Health Goals The Right Way (And The Wrong Way)

    Are all approaches to Fitness & Health goals created equal and can some well-intentioned conventional methods actually be harmful? Professional athletes, executive coaches, and Olympians tend to approach goal setting much differently than the conventional wisdom of how to set goals. There is ample research and a reasoning that just makes sense behind all of this. […]

  • Bison Steak Scramble with Garlic Spinach [Recipe]

    One of the worst things one can do when trying to be healthier is to deprive themselves of delicious foods. Just because a meal tastes good doesn't mean its bad for you. Here is one of countless examples. Make sure to cook in bulk to have convenient healthy real food for later on. Ingredients: 2-3 […]

  • Sweet Potato Scramble Recipe

    Nutrition is 80% of the game when it comes to goals of weight loss and changing your body. Good nutrition comes from having the right mindset to move toward a direction of health. What you eat for breakfast will set you off on the right foot. If you've ever wanted to know an effective strategy to […]

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Business Owner or Executive Should Hire a Personal Trainer. Reason Number #3 Will Surprise You.

    There is overwhelming evidence that a regular exercise regimen can boost brain power (learning, memory, decision making), optimize energy levels, mitigate stress, and keep your body in the best possible condition for handling the rigors of your job.