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The Founder James Malvesti has been working with clients for the past 11 years achieve their goals. He has worked in and around the south shore of Boston and in Greenwich/Westchester County, CT/NY managing studios and training clients.

Through working with hundreds of clients he has developed an effective methodology to really take care of the needs of his clients through the big picture that goes far beyond simply “a workout”.  He is up to date NASM and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, experienced competitive martial artist, kickboxer, powerlifter and Crossfit Certified.


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In Home Personal Training

Why Choose Professional Fitness Services & In-Home and On Site Personal Training?

  • We set time efficient and realistic goals to achieve best results even with your busy schedule.
  • Become physically fit and improve mental performance. Live the best of your health as it can improve the outcome of your daily activities such as work.
  • We individualized workout plans, Nutrition/Grocery Services, and In Home training services. We improve your lifestyle without affecting much impact to your daily schedule.

The first step is the initial fitness consultation to really understand what you are looking to achieve, write out a plan for success and try out a workout. You can call us directly at 617 431 6240 or please fill out the form by clicking on the button below.

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