• How To Set Weight Loss & Health Goals The Right Way (And The Wrong Way)

    Are all approaches to Fitness & Health goals created equal and can some well-intentioned conventional methods actually be harmful? Professional athletes, executive coaches, and Olympians tend to approach goal setting much differently than the conventional wisdom of how to set goals. There is ample research and a reasoning that just makes sense behind all of this. […]

  • Bison Steak Scramble with Garlic Spinach [Recipe]

    One of the worst things one can do when trying to be healthier is to deprive themselves of delicious foods. Just because a meal tastes good doesn't mean its bad for you. Here is one of countless examples. Make sure to cook in bulk to have convenient healthy real food for later on. Ingredients: 2-3 […]

  • Sweet Potato Scramble Recipe

    Nutrition is 80% of the game when it comes to goals of weight loss and changing your body. Good nutrition comes from having the right mindset to move toward a direction of health. What you eat for breakfast will set you off on the right foot. If you've ever wanted to know an effective strategy to […]

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Business Owner or Executive Should Hire a Personal Trainer. Reason Number #3 Will Surprise You.

    There is overwhelming evidence that a regular exercise regimen can boost brain power (learning, memory, decision making), optimize energy levels, mitigate stress, and keep your body in the best possible condition for handling the rigors of your job.

  • Myfitnesspal: One of the most powerful fitness apps you can use for your health & fitness goals

    Those who journal will have the highest success rate with a fitness or health goal as studies have shown. Utilizing a tool like myfitnesspal.com is the most effective type of journaling that can be done. The value of the journaling is that it says exactly what we are doing and can predict accurately if we will get results, where our issues are, if there are certain patterns that we must address. It puts reality in front of you if you are ready for it.

  • Why exercise is one of the best tools for building up mental stress tolerance and improving your mood

    Here’s the deal: Stress is a part of life. You can’t avoid stress. Every time you take a risk, confront a situation, push to meet a deadline you will feel stress. In terms of stress, everyone has their limit of what they can tolerate: when concentration starts to go; when productivity is affected; when we start to lose sleep. Typically, stress becomes a problem when it’s chronic.

  • The Stress Management Blueprint: 5 Tips You Can Implement Today

    Stress is a reality of life and sometimes not a bad thing. Anytime you confront something challenging, negotiate, compete, go outside your comfort zone, push to finish something by a deadline, you will experience stress.

  • Can’t Sleep? How Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sleep deprivation has become a national health epidemic in this country, and what is truly concerning is that most people aren’t even aware that they are part of it. Studies have determined that we humans don’t perceive when we’re running at a sleep deficit, but the truth is that when you’re feeling sleepy during the day, you’re not performing physically or mentally at the level that you normally would.

  • How to make your Fitness Goals Stick For A Lifetime

    How do we make habits stick? The truth is that our reality is created by our habits and anyone with a goal of permanent change in their bodies or level of fitness should really get to understand how to make it last. Healthy habits get results, bad habits get in the way of them. So what has been shown by psychology and science to give us the best chance of success in deciding on a habit and making it stick? Well there have been many studies done and many smart insights on the topic.

  • Keeping Physically Fit With Lots Of Travel

    The truth of health and fitness is that there are certain lifestyles one might have that are more challenging than others. Having a lot of travel in your regimen is one of the more challenging lifestyles to keep health and in shape. However, it definitely is NOT a limiting factor if you approach it properly.

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