Myfitnesspal: One of the most powerful fitness apps you can use for your health & fitness goals

Using fitness apps is a good way for tracking your progress in reaching your health and fitness goals. It helps improve the efficiency of your diet and keeps track on your nutrition intake.

Those who journal will have the highest success rate with a fitness or health goal as studies have shown. Utilizing a fitness app like is the most effective type of journaling that can be done. The value of the journaling is that it says exactly what we are doing and can predict accurately if we will get results, where our issues are, if there are certain patterns that we must address. It puts reality in front of you if you are ready for it.

80% is nutrition. Nutrition being better will give you significantly better results.

Step 1: Go to register an account. You must come up with a unique user name and password. It will ask for information such as weight and bodyfat percentage. If you have any question contact me and I will provide you with your most recent information.

Step 2: Customize Meal Times at  or you can access by clicking on “food” then “settings” when you log in to the main page

  •      You will see (breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks) >
  •      Change this to (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack). Now you can track when you are having things and when you are skipping eating every 2 – 3 hours effectively!

Step 3: Customize your Carbohydrate:Protein:Fat Ratios + Caloric Intake or

Go to “My Home” tab

Next go to “Goals” tab

Next “change goals” at the bottom

Choose “Custom: Manually set my own custom fitness goals

American Council on Exercise for those exercising recommends:

Carbohydrates: 45%

Proteins: 35%

Fats: 20%

Another option that is recommended:

Carbohydrates: 40%

Proteins: 35%

Fats: 25%

Some respond better to this. Either should work well as long are you are near the expectations.

You can also manually set your calories to 1300, 1400, 1500 depending if you have an average target. This is if you are consistently exercising a certain amount per week and you’d like to keep it simple to be around a certain average regardless if you exercise that day or not.

Press “Change Goals”

Tips on Using Myfitnesspal:

* YOU BITE IT YOU WRITE IT – If you pick at things, that’s on you to record it down and be as honest as possible with how much you picked at. This part is absolutely crucial

*Chances are you won’t remember what you had specifically you need to write it down immediately or write out what you will do beforehand.

* Give yourself a day off from it. Sometimes it is a good strategy to give yourself a day off from journaling to recharge your batteries. Sometimes you do not need to do this.

*If you do not have a smart phone or do not like tracking from your smartphone you can still utilize the journal notebook and record what you wrote at the end of the day. I counted up the time it takes to do so it was only 5 minutes. Well worth it for the use you get out of it.