Looking to be the best version of you mentally and physically? Learn how our personal training services can be part of that plan. 

Professional Fitness Services & In-Home and On Site Personal Training

Why Fitness Standard Personal Training?

  • Our service and approach is geared towards those who lead busy lives and want the best for their Health & Fitness
  • We provide services for you in the Greater Boston Area in-person and online through our app
  • Looking to get in shape? Save time? Feel better? More energy? Improve mental performance? We have a deep understanding of how to do this through our services
  • From In-home/On-site sessions, individualized workout plans, Nutrition/Grocery Services, we individualize a plan for you

Proudly Serving The Greater Boston Area Including Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, and Arlington.

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The Fitness Consultation lasts for 60-75 minutes. In which we will:

  • The Sit down We go over your goals, medical, and exercise history making sure you are a right fit for personal training
  • The Workout We put you through a tailored exercise routine to give you an idea of what it's like and see where you are at
  • The Plan & Timeline We put together and discuss a plan & strategy to determine how long will it take, what it will take, and if FItness Standard Personal Training is the right option for you
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When you have your taxes prepared you see a cpa, legal concerns you see a lawyer, financial strategy you see a financial planner (all these professions happen to be represented in our clientele). If you want the best for your fitness & health, want to successfully lose weight, tone up, get to your fitness goals quicker and more successfully, you work with a skilled fitness professional.

As a personal training service, we don't just do "training sessions", we develop a plan to get you to your goals that might happen to include personal training sessions if its what is needed to make you successful. By looking at the big picture, this makes a huge difference in your level of success. For most clients that will include:

  • We can help you achieve any fitness goal you are looking to accomplish


    • Overall  Health & Fitness
    • Weight Loss (bodyfat reduction)
    • Muscle Tone
    • Endurance
    • Improved Mental Well-being
    • Physical limitations & challenges/Post Physical Therapy
    • pregnancy (before/during/after)
    • Older populations
  • Individualized Plans for each client


    • In-Home & On-Site Personal Training Sessions
    • Nutrition Strategy and Planning
    • Online exercise plans and support through our app
    • Unlimited phone/email Support
    • Home gym set up consulting and equipment delivery
    • Other Services can include but are not limited to:
      • Meal Plans & Recipes
      • Grocery Delivery
      • Scheduling workout classes
      • Travel planning
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What does Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Tom Brady, David Ortiz all have in common?

They all have coaches that helped them get where they are today. They had coaches at the beginning when they started, in the middle, and even at a world class level because good coaching/training is a multiplier to success and gets you to your best. This applies to physical performance, weight loss, muscle tone, and keeping in a healthy rhythm. We focus on improving your success, focus, consistency necessary to your goals no matter what level you are at.

  • Our In-Home/On-Site personal training sessions are the most effective way to commit to not just working out but working out to the best of your ability.
  • We push you at the right pace that fits you and you only depending on many factors. Everyone is different.
  • We keep in touch with you via our online personal training app, email, text providing unlimited support
  • All the best exercise & nutrition advice does not matter if one does not use the advice. We consider motivation a science we take very seriously to get you to your best
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Looking to save time during the day?

We do come to you for your in-person sessions, equipment & mat ready.  All you need is a 6x6 space. This can save about 15-45 minutes  per workout in travel time , packing a bag, locker room, etc.

Looking to prevent injury or re-injury?

At the start of working with you, we do a movement assessment to address potential injury risk and to determine what exercise is safe and not safe. This is seldom done It is a common occurance to start that running program, start that exercise program only to be side-lined by an aching knees, lower back pain, shoulder pain. This doesn’t happen by accident and it is possible to lower or near eliminate the risk with the right exercise plan and right level of challenge. We also closely partner with physical therapists in the Boston area which allow free consultation for all our clients.

Looking to be more consistent with your exercise and healthier habits? Personal Training could save you years or even decades.

70% of health club members start and stop going to the gym and do not stick with a plan due to lack of support, proper information on how to achieve their goal. This could go on a whole lifetime. This means that getting a good personal trainer now can save years or months in the cycle of stopping and going, progress and no progress. When it comes to getting you to a fitness goal and making it a permanent habit we understand the right approach and how to get you there.

Will our personal training & fitness coaching services help save you time? Find out risk-free with our free fitness consultation.

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When we think of exercise, we typically think of the benefits it provides to how we look, our increased strength, increased endurance, and longevity. But this is only half of the story. Research has shown that specific types of physical activity are strongly associated with improved brain function. This translates into improved work performance and quality of family and social interaction.

Want to learn more and fine tune your fitness plan? Set up a 60 minute free consultation today.

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We deliver our services by using a results oriented approach that has a track record to back it up.

We take what we do very seriously and only focus on giving you the best talent the Boston area has to offer when it comes to personal trainer.